Do You Know How Your Water Softener Works?

Do You Know How Your Water Softener Works?

Discover how it affects the water quality in your Meridian or Eagle, ID home

Water softeners are a very important feature of your plumbing system for they determine the water quality in your Meridian, ID home. If you think you have poor water quality, get in touch with Proficient Plumbing Service LLC right now. We provide water softener installation and repair services.

Water softeners filter out what's called "hard water." "Hard water" is water that is a little too mineral heavy. When you have too much calcium or magnesium in your water, it can affect the water quality significantly. Water softeners use specialized salts to filter these minerals out so that you can enjoy clean, pure water in your home.

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5 signs that you need water softener repair or replacement

Your water softener plays a crucial role in water quality. Ensure high water quality for your home or business in Meridian, ID by calling Proficient Plumbing Service for water softener installation.

If you already have a water softener, here are five common warning signs that you need a repair or a replacement:

  1. There's a bad taste or smell.
  2. You have difficulty lathering soap.
  3. There's film or scale on plumbing fixtures.
  4. You've noticed your skin feels tight and dry after a shower.
  5. You've found orange-brown stains after running clothes in the laundry.

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