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Water Heater Repair & Replacement in Meridian & Eagle, ID & the Treasure Valley

Different components of water heaters can leak or break over time.

Water Heater Repair, Water Heater Replacement

Water Heater Repair, Water Heater Replacement

If your unit is leaking or otherwise malfunctioning, one of the following parts may be the issue:

  • Tank
  • Drain valve
  • Water supply line
  • Water heater nipple
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Drain Valve
  • Rusted Tank
  • Gas Control Valve
  • Pilot Safety Sensor
  • Electrical Elements
  • Electrical Thermostats

Call Proficient Plumbing Service LLC in Meridian, ID today for water heater replacement or repairs. We will pinpoint the issue and let you know what it will take to fix it.

Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installation

Install a tankless water heater in Meridian, ID and the Treasure Valley

You deserve to enjoy a hot shower or bath whenever you want one, day or night. Whether you're the first person in line to shower or the fifth, you can get steamy water temps by installing a tankless water heater in your Treasure Valley area home. Our tankless water heaters take up a fraction of the space of traditional tank water heaters, and they use less energy.

Call 208-810-0002 today to learn more about our tankless water heaters from Proficient Plumbing Service LLC.

5 signs that you need to schedule water heater repair

Some of the ways to tell if you need water heater repair are subtle and not always easy to pick up on. If you do have an issue with your water heater, Proficient Plumbing Service will make it a priority to provide quick and thorough plumbing repairs.

Keep an eye out for these five common telltale signs that it's time to bring in the water heater repair specialists:

  1. You've noticed weird tastes or odors coming from your hot water.
  2. Your water heater is leaking.
  3. Your water losses pressure when you turn the hot water on.
  4. You've noticed strange sounds when you turn your hot water on.
  5. Your water temperature fluctuates and doesn't stay warm.

Schedule a consultation with our experts right away if you notice any of these signs.

Here's how a tankless water heater is beneficial

Here's how a tankless water heater is beneficial

If you're deciding between installing a traditional water heater or a tankless water heater for your home or business in Meridian, ID, choose a tankless water heater.

There are several great benefits of installing a tankless water heater, including:

  • Tankless water heaters are more energy-efficient.
  • With a tankless water heater, you won't run out of water.
  • They're compact and can be easily mounted on a wall.

Reach out to Proficient Plumbing Service right away to schedule your tankless water heater installation.



Water Heaters, Water Heater Installation<br/>Meridian, ID
Water Heaters, Water Heater Installation<br/>Meridian, ID