Water Quality Treatment & Water Filtration

Water Quality Treatment & Water Filtration

From Proficient Plumbing Service LLC in Meridian & Eagle, ID & the Treasure Valley

Water quality is important for maintaining your health and the efficiency of the appliances in your home. Proficient Plumbing Service LLC is the perfect solution for all your water filtration and testing needs. We can provide treatment solutions for hard water, chlorine and iron.

Are you ready to test the waters in your Meridian, ID home? Call 208-810-0002 to schedule a water quality treatment today. We serve the entire Treasure Valley area.

Water Softeners, Water Filtration

Beat the buildup with water filtration in Meridian, ID and the Treasure Valley

Do you know what's in your water? Don't assume it's healthy to drink without calling Proficient Plumbing Service for water filtration services. Our plumbers can:

  • Test for hard water
  • Install filtration systems
  • Soften or condition your water

Don't risk another sip until you're confident that your water quality is up to par. Call today to schedule a water filtration installation or water treatment in Meridian, ID.